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The Bug Patch is a 100% Organic and DEET free bug repellent that offers full day head-to-toe protection from mosquitoes, flies, and ticks with a single applicat

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Get The Bug Patch Advantage
Gain The Bug Patch Advantage!

For most of the sports that we enjoy when the summer rolls around, we make our way outside to hit the links, charge onto the field, and hit the courts. Unfortunately, just as we’re heading outdoors to play our favorites sports, the bugs are out there waiting for us. Here’s a short list of the outdoor sports where bugs can be a weighty distraction:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Sand Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Track/Cross Country

In order for us to be at the top of our game, we need complete focus and concentration. We all know the more time we spend swatting bugs off our skin, the greater our chance for a poor shot, an unforced error, or a missed pass.

Sweat Proof, Head-to-Toe Protection For The Entire Competition!

Unlike bug sprays that wear off when we sweat, The Bug Patch was created to stay with you through even the most rigorous competition. Not only does the patch work against bugs, but it is also designed so you don’t have to deal with messy bug spray residue getting in your eyes, making your hands greasy, and invariably leading to frustration when a cool head is needed most.

When we compete, our perspiration drives pests wild as our pores release greater concentrations of carbon dioxide, making us bug magnets. So irresistible in fact, that any part of our body unsprayed is a bulls-eye for the bugs that aim to make us their next meal and distract us from our game.

Be a Team Hero!

Being a team player means bringing the whole team to play its full potential: a single, well-oiled machine. Imagine a buggy night where you have two teams of equal skill and capability go head-to-head except for one difference… One team is being eaten alive by the thriving bug population of a hot summer night, while the other team just doesn’t seem to be all that aware of the bug problem.

The team that is being eaten alive has many factors working against them:

  • Frequent Distractions
  • More Frustration
  • More Likely to Commit Crucial Errors
  • Overall Lessened Enjoyment of the Sporting Event

On the other hand, a team that is protected from head-to-toe with The Bug Patch benefits by:

  • Maintaining Focus and Concentration for Maximum Performance
  • Easily Recovering From Setbacks and Less Likely to Fall Prey to Frustration
  • Being More Able to Capitalize on Game Changing Errors
  • Having an Overall Heightened Enjoyment of the Event

If you’re the teammate providing your team with The Bug Patch that allows your team to play through a buggy night unfazed, your team will appreciate it!

Parent Approved!

We are proud to declare that our product was recently tested and honored with the Seal of Approval by The National Parenting Center! The Bug Patch is a 100% natural and DEET free bug & mosquito repellent that is safe for men, women, and children over the age of 1.

Our patch utilizes the natural benefits of Vitamin B1 through a thermal based patch that directly supplements your blood with a steady delivery that ultimately provides complete head-to-toe protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and chiggers.

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