The Bug Patch is a 100% Organic and DEET free bug repellent that offers full day head-to-toe protection from mosquitoes, flies, and ticks with a single applicat

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
DEET free & all-natural insect repellent patches
A Mother‘s Alternative To DEET

“I’m a mother of 4. I didn’t think they would work as it sounded too good to be true but thought I would try them anyway. I LOVE THEM! I have always hated putting DEET and other chemicals on my kids because of the dangers associated with them but Bug Patch is totally safe. I draw pictures on them so my younger kids think they’re tattoos. I have used them when fishing, camping, riding horses and other sports. DEET does not repel horse flies but Bug Patch does! Thank you for making something so safe that works so well.”

Melissa S. -- Mount Olive, Mississippi

Eating Outside Without Being Eaten Alive In South Florida

“I swear by this product. It’s 100% absolutely effective. I tell you this product has saved me. I couldn’t sleep as the no-see-ums were eating me alive. I couldn’t enjoy waterfront dining as they would eat me alive. I wear a patch everyday and now am a happy waterfront resident living in South Florida.”

Elizabeth T. -- Jensen Beach, Florida

The Bug Patch In The Northern Canadian Wilderness

“I just returned from a fishing trip to Northern Ontario, Canada. The lake we fish is a ‘fly-in’, and it is deep in the Northern Canadian wilderness. This year the mosquitoes weren’t as bad as they can be because the weather was still on the cool side. However, there were times in the day the gnats got horrible. We were Northern fishing in one cove on the lake and the rest of the guys were getting bitten up pretty badly, so much so that we ended up heading back to the cabin. Also, several guys were getting bitten by something in the cabin, and we were not sure what that was. I had two packs of Bug Patches. I started using one patch the day before we left, and I continued with one patch every 24 hours.

I did not get a single bite during the entire trip! The other members of the expedition experienced many mosquito and chigger bites that lasted during and after our trip. So my personal field test found The Bug Patch to be quite effective.”

Tony P. -- Des Moines, Iowa

Mission: Panama

“As a nurse practitioner in the southeastern United States, I was intrigued by The Bug Patch. I started using these patches about 3 years ago while performing various outdoor activities in areas that were infested with biting insects, especially mosquitoes. I received no bites in the first application and continued to use the patches. Later, I was chosen to accompany a local physician on a medical mission to Panama. The physician I accompanied also wore the patches with great results.

I would strongly recommend The Bug Patch from a personal as well as professional evaluation by my Mission Team in Panama. The patch is easy to apply and lasts from 36-48 hours. I did not experience any irritation at the site of application or any side effects. The Bug Patch provided an outstanding protection for our Medical Missions team. I highly recommend this product.”

Carol Kelly, MSN, ARNO-C

Mission: Dominican Republic & Haiti

“I wanted to tell you how well The Bug Patch works. It was truly a blessing to me and our team. My family and I were missionaries with the International Mission Board and lived in the Dominican Republic for over eight years. There was always a chance of contracting a mosquito-borne illness such as malaria or dengue fever, so we know how important it is to have protection from insect bites. We are living back in the states now and have the opportunity to lead volunteer teams several times a year to travel back to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

On a recent trip to Haiti we used The Bug Patch. We were told that mosquito bites would be a big concern on this trip because of the recent disaster and the rainy season. I am happy to tell you that your patches worked great. We had little to no insect bites during the whole time that we were there on our trip. They were easy to use and once we applied them we did not have to worry any more about being protected from bites.

Thanks so much for this product. It worked great for us and I would recommend it to anyone that will be working, traveling, or playing in any area where there is a need for mosquito repellent. I am looking forward to using The Bug Patches next week when we go back to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip.”


John G. -- North American Mission Board, Hispanic Missionary

Proved Effective Against Mosquitoes & Gnats in Alabama

“The Meter Departments at Riviera Utilities have been using The Bug Patch since 2007. In an effort to prove their effectiveness, some of the linemen wore The Bug Patches and others did not. The crews wearing The Bug Patch reported a noticeable difference in insect activity. Our conclusion is that The Bug Patches are effective at repelling biting insects such as mosquitoes and gnats and we will continue to use them.”

Thomas D., Electric Superintendent, Riviera Utilities -- Foley, Alabama

Mission: Tanzania

“My wife and I accompanied several other volunteer doctors, nurses, teachers and carpenters with the STEMM (Sioux land Tanzania Education and Medical Ministry) on a 2 ½ week mission to Tanzania, Africa to do a variety of work from performing surgery to building bridges. Because we were in a heavily mosquito-infested area and in early rainy season, protection was advised.

The Bug Patch was given to the entire team. One member, an RN with a history of frequent mosquito bites experienced 8 bites the first day, but with increased patches from 1 to 3 patches daily, no further bites occurred. All other members of the team, including myself were mosquito bite-free with one patch every 24 to 36 hours. We found the patch to be convenient and without side effects, it held up well through hot weather and showering. It also allowed us sufficient protection so that we did not need to use the mosquito netting at night.

The other members of the team and I would highly recommend The Bug Patch in any degree of mosquito exposure.”

John Sinnott, D.O. -- Ida Grove, Iowa

Parent Approved!

We are proud to declare that our product was recently tested and honored with the Seal of Approval by The National Parenting Center! The Bug Patch is a 100% natural and DEET free bug & mosquito repellent that is safe for men, women, and children over the age of 1.

Our patch utilizes the natural benefits of Vitamin B1 through a thermal based patch that directly supplements your blood with a steady delivery that ultimately provides complete head-to-toe protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and chiggers.

The Bug Patch Works!
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Mosquito Facts, Tips, and Information by The Bug Patch

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